One-on-One Evolution

Personalized Programs

Are you willing to explore the possibility of igniting your own personal evolution?
To embrace & love who you are now, this very moment?
To rediscover you?

One-on-One sessions are one hour, and geared entirely towards your unique goals and needs (also known as "Personal Training"). Ranging from private lessons for body movement (Pilates, Yoga, Dance, HIIT and more) to more personal sessions to support a soulful experience...and possibly a radiant transformation!

One-on-One Sessions/Personal Training is recommended as the ideal preparation for beginners to maximize their group classes and is especially useful for anyone serious about creating a long-lasting positive impact on their life! We guide you towards that body-mind-soul connections that sees results

Private Sessions are available during times when the Studio space is free from classes and by appointment only.

Let us help ignite YOUR journey! Send us a message & share with us how we can be part of your evolution!