Our Mission

Ignite Evolution Fitness‘s mission is to create a place of sanctuary & strength for anyone on their journey towards greater health & happiness. By providing a welcoming space with a Tribe of knowledgable teachers and an encouraging community, we empower you with the tools to embrace a life of wellness, health & vitality.


BODY – Movement…you!

Igniting your journey through Yoga, Pilates, and so many more body movement-based classes, ranging from beginners to advanced & everything in between.


MIND – Wisdom…our Tribal Council Members!

We are knowledgeable movement educators, trained in various disciplines such as Yoga and Pilates encourage every student by sharing their experience and passion.



SOUL – Connection…our Ignite Evolution Tribe!

A welcoming, open & inclusive space to create an authentic community.  A Tribe who encourages each other to evolve, heal and move, both on the mats & off!