Yoga, Pilates and more…

Our Sanctuary

Find our studio upstairs soaking in the beautiful light through our huge windows, the open reception area inviting you to explore the space that still has a touch of the historic vibe. We offer complimentary tea in our little kitchenette and a comfortable seating area to enjoy a few moments of stillness.  There is a washroom available, in addition to the two located on the main floor.

The larger room, has 32 cubbies for all your belongings, over 20 yoga mats, blankets, blocks, straps and bolsters. The window sill is decorated with articles from all across the globe, reflecting our philosophy of embracing all cultures.

The smaller room, has 16 cubbies for all your belongings, and plenty of Pilates equipment like foam rollers, flex-bands and balls; to keep the classes dynamic.

All of our classes are regular room temperature.