Our Story

About our Ignite Evolution Tribal Leader:
Melanie Frome, E-RYT200, AYS, YACEP – Her own journey through life brought her to a yoga studio in August 2010. She expanded her knowledge through extensive training and teaching, and found herself on the threshold of another evolution. The vision, her dreams and her desire to serve the community ignited the beginning of Ignite Evolution Fitness.

About our Ignite Evolution Tribal Council:
We are movement educators, trained in various disciplines such as Yoga and Pilates. Our knowledge, experience and passion for motivating others to discover possibilities has united us in this place of sanctuary and strength.

Every day, we offer classes that are designed from our own creative passions. All of us come from different backgrounds, different countries and different philosophies. Together, we unite in this sanctuary to share our love for body movement, meditation and learning. It is our hope to help each student on their own journey and look forward to seeing you on the mats!

About our Ignite Evolution Tribe:
YOU, the student. YOU, the community. YOU, the willing to learn. YOU, the open hearted. YOU, the unlimited possibilities.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a sanctuary of passion & compassion that embraces you exactly as you are and empowers you towards greater health, happiness and wholeness!

The vision was to provide a space from which one's strength is ignited, encouraged and supported on a path of personal evolution towards one's authentic self and create an inclusive authentic community - our Ignite Evolution Tribe!
…a tribe who encourages each other and to ignite them on their own unique path of wellbeing!

Motivating everyone to ignite their personal evolution, our place of sanctuary & strength empowers you on your life-long adventure of health & wellness.

Ignite Evolution Fitness provides a unique and versatile atmosphere with diverse programs that provides anyone with the tools they need to embrace a life of wellness, healthy and vitality.

Welcoming everyone to our place of sanctuary & strength, regardless of experience, age, size, shape, mobility, health, lifestyle or faith.